Research and Testing Services Available

We Can Help You with Product Studies, Research, and Evaluations

Assisting clients in the development of new materials and products for use in the concrete industry has been a major part of the WCCT since its inception in 2000. Our staff works directly with clients to provide confidential research and testing from complete studies including manufacturing of products in our state-of-the-art plant to review of previous test results completed by others. The WCCT has worked with several clients to help them find a use for their concrete products waste stream as the industry moves forward with sustainable development.

Examples of research at the WCCT include:

  • Admixture evaluation and performance studies
  • Waste ash from various sources
  • Ground glass
  • Plastics
  • Rubber tires
  • Mining waste products
  • New cementitious materials

For those particularly interested in concrete masonry production, the WCCT is the only research facility in world with a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled Besser V3-12 concrete masonry production plant. This plant includes:

  • Computerized batching
  • Besser V3-12 block machine
  • Automated product handling with a Besser LSC handling system
  • Individually controlled kilns for curing with mist or steam at various temperatures
  • Inline splitter
  • Automated Cuber

With the WCCT testing lab located directly adjacent to the manufacturing plant, manufactured product can be evaluated right on site.

We Can Help You with Product & Material Testing

Providing industry with a facility to test their products and materials according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standards is another service the WCCT can provide. With state-of-the-art laboratories the WCCT can perform such tests as:

  • Aggregate evaluation
  • Particle distribution
  • Material finer than 200 mesh sieve (loss by wash)
  • Specific gravity
  • LA abrasion
  • Cementitious material evaluation
  • Compression testing of concrete
  • ASTM C90 evaluation of concrete masonry units
  • Freeze/Thaw testing of concrete and masonry units
  • Masonry mortar and grout testing

Fee Structure

This is a small sample of the tests performed at the WCCT.
For additional information and rates please contact;

Dawn Stone
Director of World Center for Concrete Technology
Phone: +1.989.358.7293




Density (unit weight)Each$130
ASTM C-117
Material Passing 200 Mesh SieveEach$260
ASTM C-127 Specific Gravity and Absorption
Coarse AggregateEach$260
ASTM C-128 Specific Gravity and Absorption
Fine AggregateEach$520
ASTM C-131 Los Angeles Abrasion
ASTM C-136
Particle Distribution (sieve analysis)Each$260
ASTM C-140 Price Listed Is PER UNIT

(Minimum of 3 Units)

Masonry Units
Compressive Strength (including dimensional tolerances)Each$130
Absorption & Unit WeightEach$130
Concrete Paver
Compressive StrengthEach$130
Segmental Retaining Wall Units (includes minimal saw cutting)
Compressive StrengthEach$130
ASTM C-1262
Freeze-Thaw Testing (customer prepared coupons deduct $50 from test pricing)
In Water or Saline5 Units
25 cycles or less$500
>25 cycles but less than 40 cycles$1000
Greater than 50 cycles$1500
Concrete Compressive Strength (2 units minimum)
Modules of Rupture (Beams)Each$50
ASTM C-1645
Freeze/Thaw Solid
Freeze/Thaw Solid Interlocking Pavers (3 Units Per Set)1 set$1200
Concrete Mix DesignsCall for price
ASTM C-1019
Compressive Strength (client made)Each$260

Special Notes:

  • A standard rate charge of $150 per hour will be charged for any testing that requires saw cutting of units to meet ASTM requirements except as noted in pricing schedule.
  • All fees are for specimens delivered to the WCCT Lab.
  • Fee rate for holidays, Saturdays and Sundays will be the standard rate plus $150 per hour surcharge.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.