The World Center for Concrete Technology (WCCT) is a relatively new facility but Alpena Community College has been offering various services to the concrete industry for over 30years. Construction of the WCCT in 2000 provided a state-of-the-art facility unique to the concrete industry and enabled expansion of the following services:

  • Provide highly educated employees through a 2-year Associate in Applied Science degree in Concrete Technology. Graduates receive a hands-on education in all aspects of the concrete industry from materials to finished products; from ready mixed concrete to concrete masonry; from industry standards such as ASTM and ACI to proper testing procedures.
  • Since 1964 the college in cooperation with Besser Company has been offering its world recognized training series called the “Blockmakers Workshops”. This series of 7 workshops covers the concrete masonry manufacturing industry and after completion of 5 specific workshops the student is awarded a “Master Blockmakers Certification”.
  • Work with clients to meet their training needs through customized training programs. Whether you need a quality space for your training needs, want to incorporate hands-on training which can not be done in a conference room, or need a complete training package, we can help you meet your objectives. Contact the WCCT for your training needs.
  • Help you with your research and testing requirements in today’s world of sustainability it is even more important that we move forward in the concrete industry to make our products even more “GREEN.” The WCCT wants to be your facility of choice in the research evaluation of waste streams and other products into concrete with laboratories containing the same equipment used by commercial facilities